If you are interested in riding in our programs
or have a family member or 
ward who needs therapy, 
please contact Kim Hopkins
at 443-239-4953.

We conduct group therapy riding sessions 
individual hippo therapy sessions 

Eligibility Criteria:

It is of primary concern that TSR provide a safe and productive experience for all participants. To that end,we assess clients for appropriateness for participation and provide ongoing assessments throughout a client's tenure with TSR.

 Any individual who has a disability which makes learning difficult is welcome in our program. Our clients may have more than one disability. In order for a client to ride, he/she is required to show a physician's approval. Clients are placed in small riding groups based on abilities.

Hippotherapy is appropriate for adults and children and sessions are typically one person at a time with the support of the horse leader and side walkers. 
More information is available by contacting TSR.
Attached are the rider registration forms.  All forms must be completed.

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